I offer psychotherapy, parent guidance and support, and educational consultation.  My psychotherapy approach is eclectic, person centered, and individually determined.  In therapy, we will explore areas underlying the presenting problem, including individual thoughts and beliefs, interpersonal and relational style, family dynamics, skill deficits, and the functional role of behavior.  The goal of therapy is to help each individual develop self-awareness, self-efficacy, and a skill set that enhances and improves functioning in one's life.

  • Parent Guidance & Support
    • Functional Behavior Assessments
    • Positive Behavioral Interventions
    • Educational Consultation
      • Educational Evaluation, Plan Review and Recommendations
      • Collaboration with Educational Setting
    • Psychotherapy
      • Anxiety 
      • Depression
      • Emotional Regulation
      • Relationships
      • Self-Esteem
      • Sexuality
      • Transition to Adulthood